Thursday, August 1, 2013

Running Vegan - Protein sources Pt 3

Okay, final word on this one-maybe.... I think from the last three posts it has become quite evident that there isn't protein deficiency for vegans.

I did the first run in a week yesterday at Fryman Canyon, here in So Cal- LA area.

So I completed 6.25 miles in 55 minutes with two loops around this trail which includes a 1.5 mile hill climb from where I parked.  Felt strong. My lungs were finally cleared out from a lingering chest cold that wasn't intense but wouldn't go away.  

So the protein issue is nonexistent. Here is a wonderful list of where a vegan gets his/her protein. The great thing is that all of these foods work in a whole-food synergy and protein from one source is coupled with that from the other sources. Notice that it is also arranged according to the Power Plate from PCRM. 
Animal proteins don't do this. They don't process in your body without the release of free-radicals and they put strain on you kidneys. Animal proteins also contain heterocyclic-amines, hormones, saturated fats, and cholesterol, and dairy sources are much the same.

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