Monday, August 12, 2013

Great Pre-Race Meal

I think a lot of runners struggle with the idea of what to eat exactly prior to a race. To be sure, you will perhaps choose a different meal depending on whether you are running a marathon, a 1/2 Marathon, 10k, 5k etc. but in this case I have given an example of a pre 1/2 marathon meal

Included is the Orzo, giving you the carbs and some protein, the peas which also give you protein, and tomatoes for antioxidants for alleviating stress on you muscles and setting them up for great performance during the run in terms of lowering your pre-run inflammation. Lycopene baby!

I ate this dish prior to a 13 mile run that was supposed to be a shorter. I felt good pushing myself and had no problem heading out for a 2 mile quick recovery run the next day. 

You can learn how to prepare dishes like this at my wife's page and signing up for one of her classes. 

here is the description of the dish 

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