Sunday, July 28, 2013

For the Protein Concerned. Protein for Runners Pt. 2

For the protein concerned/ obsessed, this is a list of basic protein in a typical days intake. However, it doesn't include the peripheral proteins in other ingredients of dishes.  All of this totals 85g of protein-PLANT PROTEIN which won't cause inflammation, doesn't contain heterocyclic amines and will increase your calorie burning efficiency while reducing your LDL cholesterol.

soy milk 5g

malt o meal 6g

banana 2

peanut butter 7g

3 carrots  3g

almonds 1/2cup  10g

hummus  4-8

amys vegan burger 12g

beans soup 15g

kale  2g

walnuts 1/2 cup 15g

belvita breakfast crackers 2 

I would imagine that when all is said and done, I get close to 100g of protein per day.

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